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Who We Are

Moo Pods started off as an idea in 2013 during an overseas trip.

Sitting in a hotel room abroad we discovered we had coffee but had no cream nor sugar in our room or on hand. The mission of creating a portable, long lasting, dissolving and mess free solution  was born. 

Moo Pods is a small business owned and operated by a mother and son duo with a passion for innovation. Every step of product development, logistics, brand design, digital content, and marketing have been crafted by a two-person team. It has taken many years to get the product from concept to market as it has been funded entirely on personal funds with no outside investment as of yet. 

We are looking forward to sharing with you a brand created with love and care. We have many variations of Moo Pods currently in development.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and having interest in our brand!

From the creators:
Samar & Jordan

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