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Questions & Answers

  • Are Moo Pods vegan friendly?
    Moo Pods are not suitable for a vegan diet because they contain sodium caseinate
  • How many do I need in a beverage?
    Two tablets per hot cup of tea or coffee. One tablet is equivalent to a teaspoon of milk & a teaspoon of sugar
  • Are these safe for children?
    Moo Pods are made for and marketed to adults
  • How long do they take to dissolve?
    60 seconds approx, the hotter the beverage the faster the dissolve time
  • What’s the benefits of Moo Pods?
    Moo Pods are great, fast, convenient on the go creamers, great for camping, boating, hiking, food storage
  • Will Moo Pods dissolve in cold water?
    Moo Pods are made for and dissolve faster and better in a hot beverage
  • Are there any varieties?
    Yes, sweetened tablets & unsweetened, also several flavors are in development
  • How long is the shelf-life?
    18 months
  • Is it organic?
    We are not certified organic. but use natural ingredients
  • Is it Non-GMO?
    Yes! Moo Pods are made with Non-GMO ingredients
  • Is it gluten free?
    Yes it is
  • What is the coloring?
    Slightly off white. No dyes around here! Just a natural creamer base
  • How much does a tablet weigh?
    2.75 grams approximately
  • How many calories?
    10 calories per tablet
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