What Are Moo Pods?


Welcome to the newest coffee creamer singles on the block! Say goodbye to messy powdered creamer, sugar packets and simplify your experience with Moo Pods. A first of it's kind product, thought up after sitting in a hotel room with coffee readily available but seemingly cream and sugar were missing. From that moment on a solution to having a take anywhere, no mess, no spills and no refrigeration required creamer was born. Through several years of development we are proud to present the world with Moo Pods.



Each Moo Pods tablet is individually wrapped and comes in a package of 45 single servings. Each serving equates to a traditional teaspoon of powdered creamer and a teaspoon of sugar. Add two to three Moo Pods tablets to your hot beverage of choice. They work well in hot coffee, hot tea as well as hot chocolate. Moo Pods are perfect for home use, offices, on the go, camping, boating and anywhere else a hot cup of coffee calls. With 10-calories per tablet and a 20-month shelf life, Moo Pods will always be there to sweeten up your cup!




Key Features


  • Creamer Reinvented - A whole new way to fall in love with your next hot beverage! A first of it's kind individually wrapped creamer tablet. Our take anywhere Moo Pods creamer packets put an end to mess and spills, and never require refrigeration. Make Moo Pods a staple in your pantry today!


  • Low Calories - Each Moo Pods tablet contains a mere 10 calories per serving! Sugar free and low carbs make it a guilt free, keto friendly way to boost your brewing experience of choice. Never overly sweet, find out how many Moo Pods it takes you to make the perfect cup of hot coffee, tea, cocoa and more!


  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or GMOs - At Moo Pods we strive to bring our customers the best quality products possible. Created by lovers of tea and coffee, we are looking to break the mold of typical powdered and liquid creamer packets


  • Made For Everyone - With a 20 month shelf life, no refrigeration required and a mess free design, Moo Pods are the perfect companion for: Homes, offices, RVs, boating, camping, on the go or food storage. You never know when your next calling for a great cup of coffee will be, but Moo Pods will always be there to make it special.




Sucralose, natural flavor, magnesium stearate, spray dried manitol, glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm oil, sodium castinate, mono and di-glycerides of fatty acid, disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium aluminosilicate

Moo Pods Bulk Sweetened Creamer Tablets (200 Servings)